…straddling four countries, Italy, France, Germany and Austria. Switzerland is acknowledged as the water reservoir of Europe, it is bordered by the lakes and crossed by the mountain range of the Alps.

Nestled in the district of Olten in the canton of Solothurn, Schönenwerd is a small municipality known for its Bally Areal. The entire village of Schönenwerd is part of the Inventory of Swiss Heritage Sites.

Today, the Helvetic Confederation displays a unique art of living. Blessed land with its mountains, lakes, forests and water, the Helvetic Confederation is a huge playground; a territory of tradition, culture and history.

Because that’s the strength of Switzerland, our company De Berger & Bears AG is the new watch international brand dedicated to those looking for a combination of tradition, design and technological innovation without compromise.

Our collection is the result of the constant research of aesthetic, beauty and elegance that arises as primarily objective, but doesn’t omit functional, comfort and design aspects.

Not only the characteristics of these watches are exhilarating; equally exciting is the passion of the people who stand behind them.

For generations, the watch industry has been part of the country. Today, De Berger & Bears AG uses modern methods to produce some of the best mechanical watches. The company has given new life to a watchmaking tradition long rooted in the history of the region.


Dear customer

Every single piece of our collection has been individually crafted and has undergone very stringent quality control according to our internal high-quality standards.

Our external team of experts pays close attention to every detail of the case and to the movement, to ascertain that cutting-edge quality criteria are met and that every timepiece we produce for ‘’de Berger’’ is unique.

Therefore, every single watch goes through a series of extensive and meticulous quality testings inspired by the Swiss watch industry for high quality and perfection.

Depending on the collection choice, we can use three kinds of movements:

  • An exclusive Swiss Made line dedicated to premium timepieces (Swiss Made).
  • A modified Swiss movement which has been assembled or processed abroad as a hand-crafted product. These movements are engineered for timepieces with high-end functionality (Swiss Base).
  • A foreigner movement engineered with a high-tech manufacturer. It meets strictly to the Swiss norms and labels and provides a refined quality production, selected only for our stylish timepieces (Swiss Art Design).

As our company, we believe that only the best movement is paramount in making the best watch, that explains why we are very selective with our suppliers.

For generations, the watch industry has been part of the country’s core reference labels; nowadays ‘’de Berger & Bears AG’’ has adopted modern methods to produce and to market some of the best mechanical watches into the worldwide industry. The company is permanently committed on giving new life to a watchmaking tradition long rooted in the history of our region.

*To be regarded as a SWISS MADE mechanical or automatic movement, the movement must have undergone technical development in Switzerland.

For exclusively mechanical movements, at least mechanical construction and prototyping of the movement as a whole,

  • have been assembled in Switzerland;
  • have been inspected by the manufacturer in Switzerland
  • manufacturing costs of at least 60% must be generated in Switzerland

At least 50% of the value of all the constituent parts must be of Swiss manufacture but excluding the assembly cost.

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