Company History

In year 2012 Jesus Bustamante started developing mechanical and automatic watches equipped with complex mechanisms and precision, inspired by the tradition of the classical Swiss Watch.

He founded the company De Berger & Bears AG and choose the place of the famous city of Schönenwerd.

JB has a hotelier background and a developed artistic flair. NS worked in the area of automation engineering as well as in marketing, social media and customer relationships.

JB and NS started working together and combined skills. JB is focused on designs, ideas and management, while NS is responsible on the branding and development of the company.

Focusing on creativity from sketches to in-house productions as well as with the established experience of external teams, De Berger Watches make it possible to quickly create original collections with rigorous Swiss and International quality standards.

To protect the continuity of the enterprise, JB and NS will also perform in future with constant improvements on own high quality watch movements, tourbillons, as well as the steady progress in the areas of design and high-tech.


Nathan Stucki

Vice President
Sales & Marketing

Nathan Stucki, with the artist Name Nate Blond, joined the family business De Berger & Bears in 2019.

He is in charge of marketing and promoting at events and brings new connections and ideas to the company.

NS travels often in the States and is responsible to develop the brand into the US market.